CigaPan – the Latest Medical Discovery!

A unique Russian development

Included in the Book of Records of the Planet and the Book of Records of Russia

  • Over 100 scientific studies. 49 leading Russian research institutes have studied options of its application
  • Over 200 members of the Academy of Sciences, Doctors and Candidates of Sciences have participated in the research process
  • A broad action spectrum - 263 areas
  • The largest number of biologically active components


For the health of Your children!
  • for strengthening the immune system and increasing the body's general resistance to prevent respiratory viral diseases, especially during the autumn and winter period
  • to prevent mineral deficiency
  • to improve growth and psychomotor development
  • for adaptation to psychological and physical stress during the intensive growth and development period in adolescence
  • in case of gastrointestinal diseases: chronic gastritis and colitis, peptic ulcer disease, dysbacteriosis
  • for children suffering from vagotonic vegetative-vascular dystonia for overall health improvement
  • in case of osteoporosis of various origins, including the one generated by genetic diseases and after steroid hormone treatment


Help to the regimen – anything is attainable!






   complex contains BCAA


From expert statements

“…Absolute safety of CigaPan proven by numerous clinical studies allows using this preparation not only as a component of treatment for the already existing urogenital diseases but also for preventive purposes. CigaPan’s unique composition, including microelements, natural antioxidants, vitamins, amino-acids required by the body, etc. ensure adaptogenic effect of the preparation and stimulation of compensatory adaptive processes in the body, aimed an improvement of its resistance to harmful influence of the environment, in particular, unfavorable environment conditions, frequent stresses, physical overload, etc. As a result of taking the preparation, general tone of the body is improved, its working capacity grows, its immunity is activated, and stores of antioxidants in cells of various organs grow, thus protecting them from harmful influence of the environment and preventing development of many diseases, including those of the urogenital system”.

Prof. V.I. Kirpatovsky, MD, Head of the Experimental Department of the Scientific and Research Institute of Urology

Letters with feedback

My deepest thanks for your preparation, CigaPan. For helping people to live and smile.
Lozovaya, Kharkov Region
N.M. Odnoral

Possibilities of application








Diseases of a thyroid gland




Blood diseases




Gastrointestinal tract diseases