Comments from letters

Since 1999, a lot of letters with reviews about CigaPan have been coming to our production site, we would like to share them with you. All the original letters are stored in production in the Kaluga region. Also, translations of letters from our distributor from Ukraine were sent to us.

In many letters, CigaPan is called medicine. We remind that CigaPan is not a drug, and in case of serious diseases it cannot be used as a monotherapy, but only in conjunction with the main treatment. Further, under the control of tests and only after consultation with the attending physician, an adjustment is possible, and in some cases, the cancellation of essential drugs.

I am delighted with your drug. I drank it 2 courses. Significantly strengthened vascular walls. For many years I have suffered from atrial fibrillation, in connection with which - endless droppers. Before him, the injection site had to be fixed for at least 30 minutes, since bruises are provided, and after CigaPan, 2 minutes of fixation are enough. That's fantastic. Moreover, bruises appeared on the hands and in the elbows and forearms. So I put your drug "5+". By profession I am a doctor - a forensic expert. Experience 52 years in one place, not working only 5 years. I am 83 years old.

I wish you good health, well-being and great success !!!

Vladimir region V.Mirtova


    I have been suffering from angina for several years. Recently, I could not breathe without pain, I lived on some pills. Now I breathe freely and without pain in my heart.

Smolensk region, Currentnkova N.T.


I, born in 1944, am the first USSR Champion in the lightweight category, 12-time Champion of Russia, 5-time World Champion. The drug began to take in 2000. Due to the injury of the end joint, obtained when playing football, I could not already play at full strength. Your preparation allowed to increase the general and special endurance and, as a result, again participation in competitions and victories. In 2000, he spoke at the Games of the working people of Russia for the national team of the agrarian and industrial complex of the Russian Federation, in 10 minutes time limit, to lift 24 kg 200 times in a dash and become the winner. He won at the World Championship among veterans in 2000 and 2001. And at the same time set 6 world records. According to my recommendation, many weight-lifters began to use the drug. As a result, my pupil is now a student of the Military Institute of Physical Education of St. Petersburg dramatically increased results and became in 2001. silver medalist, and in 2002 the world champion among young men. Moreover, I do not use any drugs other than Vitamin E when using your drug.

Lipetsk region, Rodionov MA


  I have diabetes, for a long time there was an increased% of sugar, using your preparation I managed to reduce% of sugar by 5 units. Thank you very much for the drug that benefits people, thank you.

Astrakhan, Lashko T.I.


The Ivashov family writes to you. Our son has insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus with various complications. Having learned from advertising about your 100% natural biocomplex, the son began to take this remedy and noted the amazing result after its use: a surge of strength and vitality, improved vision and general well-being, the symptoms of complications became less pronounced.

Ulyanovsk, the Ivashov family.


I am a doctor by profession, experience 43 years, and in 2001. got sick with diabetes. Diagnosed: diabetes mellitus type II, moderate severity. Analyzes before treatment with your drug:
Fasting blood sugar - 16.2 mmol / l
For thyroiditis:
T3 - 0.6 PG / ml
T4 -33.0 nmol / l
TTG-23 honey / l
She conducted a course of drug treatment during the month, 0.8 once a day, the results:
Fasting blood sugar - 6.48 mmol / l
For thyroiditis:
T3 - 0.89 PG / ml
T4 -106.8 nmol / l
TTG -1.1 MED / l

During the last 2 months, blood sugar is constantly kept at 6.4-6.6, with thyroiditis treatment with L-thyroxine decreased from 100 µg to 50 µg. At the same time, the second signs of diabetes decreased: there is no thirst, I sleep peacefully (I wake up 1 time per night, and earlier 4-5 times), my appetite has somewhat decreased, my strength has increased. Thank you, success in your work.

Kazan, Pavlova TS

I accept your drug and the result is not long in coming. Acts very fast. After 20-30 minutes it gives a strong influx of energy, a cosmic charge of cheerfulness and strength of mind, increases the potency. I calmly run 25 km. Without prior training. Normalized sleep. In the morning I get up early, I do all day around the house. Last fall, I have never been sick. Normalized sleep. After work you do not feel tired. There were constipations in the morning, the work of the intestines normalized, joy to life appeared.

Voronezh region, Duda Alexander


Dear comrades! Your drug significantly improves the overall tone of the body and very actively manifests itself in improving mood in meteo-sensitive days. I am a type II diabetic and, taking your drug, do not feel sick. Excellent performance and excellent mood. And if you also take into account that I am hypertensive (since childhood), and the drug also eliminates the symptoms of high blood pressure, then its effect can be safely assessed as multifaceted, beneficial. Thank you for the wonderful preparation!

Sincerely, I. Scarbilin, Salekhard.


Hello! I have been drinking your drug since 01.01. blood sugar was 7.5. 5.02 I donated blood, it was 6.7. Then in February they took blood for sugar from me, it became 4.8-5.5. We have a diabetic club "Nadezhda" in the city, I gave an annotation there, gave it to my doctor, everyone approved this drug ... I am very grateful.

Astafieva A. A., Astrakhan.


    Hello! Dear workers of the Planet of Health 2000, a resident of the distant Amur region writes to you. I have type II diabetes, I have prescribed your drug and you are very grateful to you and the creator of this drug, Vladimir Tsygankov, for his divine gift that heals to sick people. My blood sugar level has noticeably decreased and my blood sugar returned to normal, I don’t drink pills, my liver has already started to hurt. Well, as the expiration date of this drug is 2 years, I want to prescribe 10 packages, I am afraid to remain completely without medication. Please send me the drug cash on delivery. Thank you very much and thank you very much for your noble work.

Sincerely, Lesnikova, Amur region.


    Dear Sirs! I wrote you the drug on delivery. Itself is sick with diabetes mellitus type II moderate. Start taking your drug. On that day, I took all the tests, the sugar was 20 units. Pressure 170/110. After two weeks of using your drug, sugar decreased by 9 units, the pressure returned to normal 130/90. I feel much better. Fatigue disappeared. Normalized sleep. I ask you to send me cash on delivery 4 more packs of the drug. I recommend your drug to everyone.

Ivanova G. A., Altai Territory.


I am writing to you for the second time. I took a course of treatment with your drug, I had a big blood sugar. The treatment helped me a lot. Why I didn’t know about this medicine before, I accidentally saw an advertisement in a newspaper.

Korotenko N.N., Komi Republic

Received your drug, took a week, you know, I am very grateful to you. Such confidence to life appeared, I am a type II diabetic, the medicine is for my benefit. I beg you, send more.

Smirnova N.Ya., Ufa.


 I took your medication, and in a month my sugar decreased from 13 to 7 units, and in a completely different way I began to feel myself, my sleep improved, I became much calmer.

Lashko TI, Astrakhan.


    I want to thank you for your wonderful preparation. I was hypertensive, but now I can safely say - no. Sugar was 15.5 dropped to 6, I feel good. God bless you all.

Sincerely, Kurysheva N.A., Tyumen region


I prescribed your drug and did not regret it. I had a stomach ache, now it is better and I do not feel pain.

Bashkiria, Pavlova V.I.


I want to thank everyone who participated in the creation of the drug. Thank you again very much. I have an autoimmune goiter of III degree of moderate severity, painful form, severe ophthalmopathy, palpitations, shortness of breath, weakness, fast fatigue, and sometimes suffocated with a state of asphyxiation. In the year 3-4 times passed the course of treatment, was in hospitals. I took your drug for 2.5 months, but now I feel better. Those symptoms of my illness, which I described, began to disappear gradually and work capacity increased. I used to, if a little like, then I immediately have weakness, palpitations, shortness of breath. And I immediately grabbed the medicine, then immediately went to bed, now I feel good. Already doing something about the housework. Thank you very much for that. Returned my interest in life. I believed that I would soon forget about the goiter, about the disease thanks to your drug. Very grateful to you for the expelled drug. He helps me a lot in treating an enlarged thyroid. After taking it, I felt a whole year without problems. God bless you!

Sincerely, Kuksova L.P. Primorsky Krai


Hello! I have already prescribed this drug, and he helped me to lower blood sugar to normal levels.

Sincerely yours, V. Kovtunova district of Kabardino-Balkaria


Hello workers "Planet Health - 2000"! I am writing you a second time. I want to tell you how my mother-in-law feels. She has type II diabetes, hypertension IIst., IHD. So she cut these 3 jars of your drug and she became much better, the pressure of blood pressure became stable 160/90; and the sugar dropped to 9, and there was 14. Goodbye. God bless you!

Shvedkova K.V. Orenburg region


The effect exceeded all expectations. I have type II diabetes. Sugar was 15-16 in the blood, and now holds at the level of 5.7-6.3.

Amur region, Zayanova A.V.


The miraculous power of the drug experienced. Thyroid function was normalized, metabolism was normalized and health improved. I feel great! I wish you happiness, good health, love and the joy of life.

Moscow, Oleinik V.M.


I am 63 years old and the metabolism was disturbed with the development of diabetes mellitus reaching 12 mg, after taking the drug, it became 4.5 mg. Thanks for the drug manufacturers.

Yaroslavl region, Ryzhnikova N.S.


After taking 1 course of the drug, my health improved significantly, sugar was 8.2 units. now 5.8 units By evening, there was a significant surge of strength.

Ryazan region, Losev N.F.


    I sincerely thank you for the drug. For a year, my wife and I were cured of type II diabetes mellitus. I have improved the function of the urogenital system.

Cheboksary, Alexandrov family.


    Thank you so much for your preparation. I am 40 years old and I have type II diabetes. After the first techniques, my sleep improved, my appetite decreased, and the constant feeling of hunger ceased to haunt me. She advised her friend to take the drug, she is 58 years old, she also has type II diabetes, she was satisfied with the results and now she regularly takes this drug. My girlfriend broke her ankle, I advised to try your drug and she responds about it only positively, except for the ankle, stomach pains stopped, heartburn disappeared. My father had surgery on the elbow, your drug helped him recover quickly.

Cheboksary, Nikolaev N.E.

Health Planet-2000 LLC General Director T. Tsygankov!

I thank you very much for responding to my letter and dispelling my doubts about the quality of your preparation. After your letter, my husband and I began to take capsules of 1 pc. on the day it is already the second month. We have for many years. I am already 84, and my husband is 88. Now we thank you for the miraculous drug, as we now feel well, otherwise the husband was completely laid down, and now he walks and still helps in housework. His head ached and there was not even an appetite. I also have a good mood. Thank you.

Amur region Motovilova A.A.


    Please send me your biocomplex. I am 78 years old since 1974, with a constant runny nose in winter and summer. I take your drug and nose dry and breathe freely.

Moscow region, Mytishchi, Zhukov I.D.


    I have been living for several years thanks to your supplement.

Khabarovsk Territory, Kireev A.S.


    Writes you a family from Moscow. Remember, we already wrote to you. Thank you for calling, visited the reception of the head physician and do not regret it. The doctor prescribed the necessary therapeutic dosage and a number of other necessary drugs for our disabled son. New son grow strong teeth, the cold is not tied, despite the spring, the digestion is slowly improving.

Moscow, Kurashov family.


    I want to immediately express my gratitude for a good and effective tool. I am the head of a farm. I have a very busy day at work, almost 20 hours a day. I came home with a constant headache, I constantly wanted to sleep during the day. After 2 operations, he took your drug. The result is excellent - in the morning the head is fresh, he rested himself and drowsiness passed. I recommend to all my colleagues and acquaintances.

Yaroslavl region, Gorinov V.M.


Hello! Give God the health and further success of the creator of the drug Vladimir Tsygankov! These wishes also to the whole team working with him! I had a deep breakdown, I began to gather in a long irrevocable way, but your drug helped me to stand up and continue to live. Thanks you!

Kirzunov Yu.V., Tyumen region


I take your drug for 3 months, my blood sugar was 14-15, now it's 7 and I feel good. Thank you very much.

Kirov region., Kutergina V.I.


   My mother suffered a stroke, she had an enlargement of the right stomach of the heart, and she also had tuberculosis, she had type II diabetes, she had a liver. After taking your biocomplex, my mother feels much better, she used to go one day before and lay on the other day. But now everything has changed for the better. She has not been sick for a month and is happy like a small child to this. Can I take this medication every day for a year?

Khalidov M., Grozny district


    I am a diabetic, hypertensive with all concomitant diseases. On the occasion, I purchased your product for myself and my parents at the clinic. I did not expect such an effect: the old people have improved their state of health, mood, appetite. Yes, and I have improved performance and, in general, it became easier. Now I would like to repeat the course of taking the drug.

Kvon Kh.B., Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky


    Hello dear friends! Thank you very much for the package. I don’t even know how to thank you for such a good and necessary thing. And I began to live more merrily, and my wife became merry, as she was born again. Thank you very much.

Lavrov E.P., Tver region


    Took your drug for a month. The condition has improved markedly, weakness and fatigue have disappeared, and efficiency has increased.

Sincerely, Evgeniev S.T. Smolensk region.


    Dear comrades. Thank you very much for your work. I suffer from various diseases the most important diabetes. After taking your biocomplex helps a lot. I am now 71 years old, I feel like 35 years. My stomach and intestines and legs hurt, my head was constantly aching, after taking the biocomplex now all illnesses go away. Be healthy.

Titronov M.F. Sverdlovsk region.

Before, I was often tormented by headaches, constant fatigue, I was also haunted by drowsiness, now everything has changed dramatically, I feel a huge surge of strength, my mind is clear, my thoughts have become more active. Headaches are completely gone. I am very grateful to you.

Kurgan region, Dunaeva S.V.


    Before the drug was taken, there was a continuous dark band with a multitude of illnesses and not to list everything. After taking your drug, there was an interest in life.

Omsk Region, Moskvin L.F.


    By retirement earned a lot of diseases, and your drug is universal. It helps me to fight endemic goiter and improper metabolism. For her husband, this is the first aid for diabetes mellitus, the blood sugar drops. We treat your drug with trepidation - this drug given to us by nature.

Samara region, Tolyatti-12, Ravva S.P.


After the death of my husband, I completely lost my health. Nervous cramps in the whole body and complete depression. The son bought me your drug, I got energy, I became interested in life. I advise all friends to purchase it. Thanks you!

Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, the town of Prokhladny, Bakhtina V.I.


   My son is 6 years old, my daughter is 4 years old. The son has calcium deficiency, often suffers from catarrhal diseases, in which epilepsy attacks are frequent, therefore calcium is indispensable, and your drug as an immunomodulator and adaptogen is very important, this adaptogen also helps your child with meteosensitivity. In a child of concomitant diseases, pancreatitis has to use a lot of drugs that are bad for the pancreas, the liver, and therefore the drug is indispensable here. Let many and many people have your drug generously giving you health, family happiness and well-being.

Moscow, Family Kurashov


   We want to say a big thank you for such a wonderful tool! To strengthen the immunity of the child bought your drug. A month later, it became clear that the child had become happier, complaints of headaches stopped, in the autumn-winter time he had never had ARVI. The husband was a soldier and was at first distrustful; now the drug helps him overcome physical and emotional overload. We brought your products to our grandmothers and grandfathers, a month later we heard a request from them to bring more "this good medicine."

Ivanovo, Zeldin O.


I am disabled WWII and I will soon be 81 years old. After a severe injury to both legs (four shrapnel wounds) I suffer from a disease of the musculoskeletal organs, I move with great difficulty and pain. After taking your drug for a month, I began to move freely and barely feel pain. In addition, I have gastritis of the stomach, could not eat fatty foods, and now I eat everything, and also suffer from prostatitis, I urinated at night 4-5 times, and now only 1-2 times. Before, there was often dizziness, it was irritable, but now I don’t feel it, there was physical strength and joy in life, in my years sometimes there is a need for sexual intimacy. Improved complete blood count. Before applying and taking the drug, hemoglobin was 127, and now 148, leukocytes and erythrocytes are normal. We wish you creative success in your noble cause.

Leningrad Region, N.Ye. Khryachkov


    My bones stopped hurting, my legs began to get warm, before that they were always cold, and in general the forces came.

Furmanov, Golubev V.A.


After taking your drug, my working capacity increased significantly, my blood sugar returned to normal, and besides, I did not have an acute respiratory disease in the autumn and winter. The husband and daughter also take the drug, they also note an increase in physical activity, they did not have an acute respiratory disease.

Ryazan region, Losev N.F.

    In 1999 he began to feel bad, he urinated with rezya. After taking your biocomplex, my condition began to improve, along the way, I cured a liver and a duodenal ulcer. The joints of the legs scratched by bullets and shrapnel were cured, did not begin to feel sharp pains of the waist.

Dolmatov, D. Sitnikov


I am already 50 years old, but I feel like 30 years at most. And most importantly for 5 years of taking the drug, I have not been ill with anything, even the flu. Many thanks to the manufacturers of such a real drug.

Bashkiria, Chirov V.N.


    I would like to express my gratitude to you. Began to drink your drug, as if born again. The thyroid gland tormented for several years, but now I don’t feel it. Lost choking, sleep better. Normal state of health.

Kaliningrad region, Kavkaykina E.V.


Grandma has osteoporosis, frequent lowering of blood pressure. After the course of drug treatment, frequent pains in the joints and shoulders decreased, the general condition improved, and dizziness decreased. Our daughter (10 years) has frequent respiratory diseases, frequent sore throats. After the course of treatment, my daughter's mood improved, school material is easily absorbed. My wife and I enhance performance.

Vladikavkaz, Bogazov A.U.

My father is 87 years old, recently had surgery - purulent appendicitis. The operation was with complications, followed by repeated surgery. After taking the drug, the father runs around the yard with a shovel and buckets, a hammer and nails. The suture from the operation completely healed. Doctors were very surprised. I myself am sick with diabetes mellitus blood sugar reached 13 units, now 8-9 units. The pancreas began to disturb less. The pains have subsided.

Rostov region, Gukovo, Ivanov. DI.


    Thank you so much for your preparation. The eldest son was operated on his chest and had a funnel chest. He began to take biocomplex and quickly recovered. And the youngest son has heart failure. His doctors prescribed your drug and he became much better.

Moscow, Ruds


    Huge, bright and boundless gratitude to you for your preparation. Only thanks to him I became a healthy, efficient and cheerful person. I had high cholesterol, sugar and bilirubin in the blood, hemoglobin was slightly lowered, there were erosions in the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, there was also a 0.5 cm ulcer in the subcordial part of the stomach. After taking the biocomplex, redness and erosion in the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum passed and healed. Healed and ulcer. Cholesterol was 7.7 became 5.1, sugar was 7.2 became 5.1, bilirubin was 16 became 7, hemoglobin was 128 became 137.

Saratov-15, N. Tikhonov


I have been taking your drug for more than a year. I will not praise that all my illnesses have passed away, but I began to feel better, passed sciatica, my legs do not hurt and the potency has improved. Judging by my well-being, your preparation is universal.

Moscow, VI Voropaev


Your miracle drug literally put my sick mother on my feet. She has a pretty running thyroid. Therefore, please send another 4 jars of your biocomplex. We hope for a full recovery. Low bow to you. Help people further.

Voronezh region, Shevtsova V.N.


I want to thank you for your wonderful preparation. I have an enlarged thyroid gland. I underwent 1 course of treatment and I have improved. I hope for you very much. And I can not imagine further treatment without this drug.

Tula region Yadykina Zh.P.


I have hypothyroidism, on treatment for more than 10 years. I also received radiation therapy. Over the past 3 years she has undergone 6 operations, diabetes mellitus has been added to the existing problems with the liver. The effect after taking your drug was amazing. I, because of hypothyroidism, have forgotten what good working capacity is, a feeling of fullness of life. In early spring, I set such a pace in the garden that my household begged. After 2 heavy last operations I took the drug. Healing and recovery went well for the joy of my surgeons. My youngest son started having health problems. He is taking the drug for the second day and his condition has improved a lot. I am grateful to you.

Jewish Autonomous Region, Golembovskaya V.V.


I purchased the drug for my father suffering from psoriasis and prostatitis. After one course of taking the biocomplex, the state of health improved significantly, sleep became full, the skin began to cleanse. I decided to treat my mother, the blood sugar level began to stabilize. My husband had gastritis after the first course of treatment. We live in Buryatia, where the entire population does not have enough iodine, so your preparation is useful for us.

Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Goronovich OV


I want to thank you once again for your wonderful preparation and for your efficient execution of orders. Thank you very much! My wife and I have been taking this drug for four months every day. About many diseases have already forgotten, which are periodically reminded of themselves. The thyroid gland of his wife was a problem for many years, and the question was about the operation, because The state of suffocation did not give her peace. After the first month of taking the biocomplex, her condition has improved a lot, and now she doesn’t remember about the disease at all. I don't write anything about myself. I cannot convey my condition in words. I want to say simply "This is a miracle - your drug!"

Chernyaev SV, Voronezh region


I am 75 years old. I have a thyroid problem - hypothyroidism. For several years, I drank L-thyroxin, in the end, I was completely weakened, came down. In the newspaper "Trud" I read an advertisement about your preparation and decided to write it out. After taking it, I felt better. I began to do some housework, the intestinal function returned to normal, the feeling of coma in my throat disappeared. I am not so weak right now, otherwise I was just about to die. Thanks for the new drug.

Sincerely, Flyagina AM, Tyumen region.

Your drug has received twice. I consider it an effective remedy against thyroid disease. Thank you in advance. Your drug replaced my hormones.

Novopashina N.A., Tyumen region


   Hello! I am writing to you a second time, thank you very much for your preparation, my daughter and I took this remedy together, and I felt fine. I planted a garden without any problems, I began to improve my sleep, and I feel it - I became calmer, and this despite the fact that I recognized an increase in thyroid degree IV and the doctors in one voice say that it is necessary to cut it.

Sherstneva N.M., Krasnoyarsk Territory


Thanks for your drug, this is a wonderful drug. At 38, I didn’t think to believe in any drugs. Within 5 years my thyroid gland was enlarged, I tried many drugs, but I did not expect such an amazing effect.

Vladimir region, Ilina I.N.


Personally, your drug helps me from the thyroid gland, I had a goiter of the 4th degree, I had to have an operation, but, thank God, taking the drug, the thyroid gland returned to normal, it is also easier to tolerate menopause, and I am 51 years old. Osteochondrosis did not bother. My son stopped bothering her ulcer. My husband has a sexual desire, he is 65 years old.

Krasnoyarsk Territory, Spitsina N.V.


Hello! Firstly, we thank the staff of your company for your preparation. We are the brothers Zotovy Yuri and Vasily, 39 and 48 years old. Your medicine has helped us a lot, and Vasily has even put her on her feet. He is a veteran of Chernobyl, picked up radiation "above the roof." Everything was treated, it was treated, and now since February, I began to take your natural biocomplex - how I was born again! We have a question for you. Is it possible to receive this medicine directly from you by mail with cash on delivery, since In pharmacies, the price is high, but we need a lot of it. Even at work, my colleagues became interested in them. Also want to use.

Sincerely, Y. Zotov, MO.


I live in Primorsky Krai and last year I first started taking CigaPan in my enlarged thyroid gland. After completing the course of treatment, I donated blood for hormones, tests are normal. In addition, I felt cheerfulness, as if I had added energy. Now CigaPan is accepted by my whole family.

Primorsky Krai, Demenok L.V.


 We prescribe the drug is not the first time. The husband accepts your bicomplex and is very satisfied, he feels better, he has a positive effect on the nervous system, he has become calmer, more confident in himself (as in a man), we have a 21-year difference (he is older).

Samara region, Morozov A.M.


   I have been suffering from thyroid disease for 7 years. Over the years, I went through a network of treatments for iodine-bromine species, but I felt an improvement after taking your drug. I thank the case, which opened the miraculous help, and especially sincerely grateful to the people who received this drug and donated to the suffering patients relief and the return of faith in recovery.

Krasnodar region, Ivanishcheva


I use your preparation, I treat a liver, a stomach, an intestine and, the main thing, legs. Now got a lot of relief.

Krasnoyarsk Krai, Litvinova E.I.


This drug helps a lot. I had a strong stomach ache, but now I feel much better, because I cannot be ill, my husband is completely blind, there is no one to care for, moreover, we are already 68 years old.

With great respect, Poleshataeva M.L. Leningrad Oblast



I have a tropical ulcer, which is difficult to treat, after the operation everything was fine, but once in the cold it froze the sore and now it hasn't been delayed for 4 years already. After taking your drug, the wound healed by more than half.

Mr.N.-Tura, Vanzidler V.G.


Your drug helped me with stomach ulcers, dyspnea decreased, abdominal pains stopped, blood sugar returned to normal. Thank you so much.

Primorsky Krai, G.A. Okrushko


 My husband had type II diabetes mellitus 15 units. Feeling awful. After taking your drug, sugar fell to 7 units. Now I accept myself.

Propulsion Zheleznodorozhnyy, M.O., Korzh GN


After removal of the gallbladder, weak stool became, the drug helped me a lot. Overall condition improved.

Tyumen region, Terikhina V.P.


A truly wonderful drug, I am 45 years old after taking your drug, I didn’t feel like a man even at 25 years old.

Magadan region., Cherkashin V.V.

Hello! I have already prescribed your drug to my husband, and he helped him a lot, now we have a normal married life. I'm very glad. We are already 50 years old, but it seems to be too early to put a cross on ourselves. Very good medicine for men, I advise my friends. Thank you very much, you saved my family, I had the idea to change a man.

Dubitskaya GA, Primorsky Krai


77-year-old "old man" was lucky enough to buy your drug, which helped me to restore the body's senile forces. An important role was played by the restoration of the genitourinary system for the fullness and interest of life.

Nizhny Novgorod, Makhaev K.P.


My husband has lymphogranulomatosis and after irradiation, thanks to your preparation, the number of platelets has normalized. Low bow to the creator of this drug.

St. Petersburg, E. Kartysh


I have a duodenal ulcer and sexual weakness (I'm only 50 years old, but I don’t feel like I was young), your drug helps me a lot. I almost forgot what an ulcer is and my wife is pleased that my sexual opportunity has improved. Relatives of my wife live near the Chernobyl zone, we bring them your drug and feel good. I wish you all good health and success in life.

Minsk, Sharapov A.N.


I am 61 years old and my “battery” has pretty much got hooked over the years. After 10 days of taking the drug, I felt that my “Battery” recharged to the great pleasure of my and my spouse, and the love games started again.

Ryazan Region, N. Silnov


Indeed, your drug, unlike overseas drugs, is truly effective, already using the first package significantly increased my overall health and even attracted to my wife with the full quality of sexual intercourse, as I did in my younger years. Thank you so much for this miracle of life.

Yakutsk, Fayzullin R.M.


    Since 1991, I have been suffering from prostatitis-adenoma. Your biocomplex is the only remedy for me that relieves me of pain in the groin, and also gives me the opportunity to make love with my beloved.

Orenburg region., Shigapov A.A.


    I ask you to send me your drug urgently. I have already received 2 times, again the 3rd time. All I have now is good - prostate adenoma is silent and live a healthy sex life. My mistress is very pleased. I did not know the best yet, although my years are approaching 80 (77 years), and my mistress is 50 years old. All the best to you, thank you, I look forward to.

Alexander. Orenburg region.


He writes you a military doctor from the Far East. In my medical practice I use your remedy. He himself was cured of old diseases, peptic ulcer and chronic prostatitis with the help of your preparation. I try to use this example to spread this miraculous drug as much as possible. I consult my patients before taking the drug.

Vladivostok-12, Taran A.P.


I am a pensioner, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, a disabled person of group II, a member of the labor front, a veteran of the USSR Armed Forces since 1999, suffering from prostatitis, I tried a lot of drugs, but only after taking your biocomplex I felt an improvement. If earlier at night, I got up 4-5 times, now once, rarely twice.

Balashikha, Subbotin A.N.


   I tried a lot of different drugs, but yours helped. After the first course of treatment, he practically got rid of prostatitis.

Tver region, Lazurin S.V.


    Thank you so much for your preparation. I have heard about your miraculous preparation for a long time, and after applying it, I restored the urogenital system, the liver stopped hurting. Now I feel full-fledged and vigorous, and I’m over 70 years old.

Samara region, Morozov A.M.


  I got cold 2 years ago bladder. I prescribed 3 packs of your preparation and now I feel good, there is no premature urination, I do not get up at night anymore.

Krasnoyarsk Territory, Frolov N.T.

I had a cold kidney on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, the disease tormented me for many decades, difficulty urinating with sharp pain, plus chronic adenoma. Now, after applying your biocomplex, I am completely cured, I get up to the toilet 1-2 times at night. I remain with great gratitude to all of you.

Bashkortostan, Fazylova Sh.N.


    I am 65 years old, for 2 years I regularly take your drug. It improves the general condition and performance, increases the resilience of various diseases, improves the function of the urogenital system.

Moscow, Varbanets Yu.G.


Many thanks for your preparation. Frequent urination decreased, sleep and general well-being improved.

Tambov region, Karavayev T.V.


   Dear workers of "Planet of Health". Thank you very much for your preparation. I have osteoporosis, and I could not walk at all. Now I have already started walking on my own. I drink medicine not alone, but with the whole family. Everyone has a disease that cures your medicine. Thank you very much.

Grinyuk, TP, Irkutsk region


Dear “Planet of Health”, thank you for being there and thanks to you my bones and joints no longer hurt, and the pressure returned to normal and I do not react much to the weather.

Krasnoyarsk Krai, I. Divonne


    My husband has 2 ankle fracture of the right leg. He took the drug for 2 sachets per day. After 4 months I was practically healthy. Surgical treatment (recommended) is not needed. Thank you very much.

Kaluga, Naumkina OV


I broke my arm, the diagnosis: a complex fracture of the neck of the shoulder with displacement and disc separation. I bought your drug, after 6 weeks I went to the control image and the doctors were surprised how well I had grown together. Thank you very much.

Moscow region, Toporkova N.N.


I took the drug several times, got rid of lymphostasis, I feel great, cleaned 15 cm. I bring up 2 children of 19 and 14 years old, for prevention I give it to them - the children do not get sick. The feedback from my clients is varied and only positive.

Saratov region, Danilina N.V.


   Dear firm! Thank you very much for your miracle drug. It is simply not replaceable in the treatment of cancer. The daughter is now undergoing intensive chemotherapy, and this drug helps her a lot. She began to take the third jar. To restore blood after the procedures and maintain a satisfactory condition, your drug is necessary for it and will not be replaced.

Koshil SI, Sverdlovsk region


Thank you so much for your preparation! My wife and I went through the whole war from the beginning to the end, both disabled people of group II. He underwent surgery at the Helmholtz Institute, diagnosed with cancer of the orbit of the left eye, then radiation and chemotherapy. After the third course of chemistry, his legs and fingers were numb and he began to hear and see poorly. I have to sleep in my socks. After your preparation, the hands acquired normal color and sensitivity, I feel better, I have vigor in movements. Together with my wife we ​​take your drug.

Kimry, Kolesnik N.V.


I have stage III ovarian cancer. Even before the operation, you started taking your drug, because began to undergo chemotherapy. A total of 11 courses of chemotherapy were given to me before and after the operation, and more than one course of PCT was not postponed due to inappropriate blood parameters. Normally, there were leukocytes and hemoglobin. I stopped drinking the drug and my joint pains worsened, I could not get up on my feet. I started taking the drug again and my condition improved significantly. I even abandoned group II and went to work. I wish you prosperity, grateful customers and all the best.

Sverdlovsk region, Panishev V.L.


I am 25 years old, I live in Minsk. Three years ago, doctors diagnosed grade III lymphogranulomatosis. One and a half years passed chemotherapeutic treatment. It was then that I learned about your preparation. This is a very good complex, for my affected body, simply indispensable. I was convinced by its own experience of its effectiveness. Thank you very much!

Stenuk Oksana.

These reviews, translated from Ukrainian into Russian, are taken from the letters sent by Top-Market to our distributor in Ukraine. The original letters are stored in the archives of the company Top Market in Kiev.


My husband has diabetes. He takes CigaPan, and his blood sugar level has decreased from 16 to 9. We are very grateful to you for the drug. Respectfully,

Garabaty N.N., pgt. Kelmentsev, Chernihiv region


I have diabetes and I also have arthritis and arthrosis. After taking CigaPan, I felt very cheerful. Now I can walk freely. Heartily grateful for the miraculous drug. Respectfully,

Dorosh EM Ivano-Frankivsk.


CigaPan helped my son. His legs stopped hurting, and his fatigue passed. Parent thank you.

Suk N.N. with. Artel, Poltava region.


CigaPan helped me a lot, my legs hurt a lot. And after taking the drug, I practically don’t feel that I am in pain, and I suffer other diseases much easier. Thank you very much.

Umaruk Yu.G. with. Strongholds, Volyn region


Thank you very much for CigaPan. My trophic ulcer is gradually tightening, which has not healed for 6 years.

Vovchak V.S. Selishche, Transcarpathian region.


My wife and I accept CigaPan. Feel much better. Less sick. Thanks for the drug.

Gisem S.P., p. Bushtyna, Transcarpathian region


I want to thank you for your good drug CigaPan. In my 75 years, I felt much better. The pain from the right knee joint has almost completely gone, I can walk freely and move my foot in any position. Improved sleep.

Maleta M.K. with. Ishchenko, Kherson region


Dear, thanks for CigaPan. Took the whole family. Much improved health.

Yeremenko A.K. Kuibyshevo, Zaporozhye region


We are very grateful to you for CigaPan, it really helps people, gives energy and joy of life. My husband accepts and is very pleased. At work it is much easier to feel good about yourself. Thanks you.

Sidorenko M.V. with. Nikomavrovka, Odessa region


My wife and I take CigaPan, our health has improved a lot. Thank you very much.

Bakun A.M. Ladyzhin, Vinnitsa region


Thank you for CigaPan. My son and I accept him and feel great.

Skel NP, Mirgorod, Vinnitsa region


Thank you very much for your drug CigaPan. Accept the whole family. Everyone has some diseases that your drug treats. Feeling good.

Shmyglo N.I. with. Kustolovo, Poltava region


CigaPan helped improve overall health. With thanks,

Tour PS, Tokmak


After taking CigaPan, her husband's state of health improved. Thank you for your preparation.

Luppol A.M., p. Leonovka Vinnitsa region


After taking CigaPan, my father felt much better with his legs, and my mother and I improved my general well-being. Thank you very much.

Gonchar SV, p. Ivanovka, Nikolaev region


Thank you for CigaPan, he really helped mom.

Andreeva L.A. Krivoy Rog


Thanks for CigaPan, he helped me get rid of high blood sugar. Sugar was 13.75 units, and became 5 units.

M. Poddubnyak Pervomaisk, Nikolaev region

Very grateful for the drug CigaPan. After I started taking it, it became much better, and the pancreas, osteochondrosis, kidneys, and legs hurt enough, and the soreness was too bad. Now much better. My legs hardly hurt, I sleep like a baby, and my strength has increased. I can not express you my gratitude. Low bow to you.

Chuzhik G.W. with. Salyvinki, Kiev region


Thank you very much for your drug CigaPan. He really helps my husband (he has a stomach ulcer). After taking it, I felt much better.

Ivonenko L.V. with. Yahny, Kiev region


I have diabetes. After taking CigaPan, it became much better, it takes less to take insulin. We take the drug with his wife. Thank you very much.

Kuznetsov A.M. with. Glybochek, Zhytomyr region


We take CigaPan with the whole family, and within a month my nodular goiter decreased from 3rd degree to 1st degree. Doctors were surprised that you can cure the thyroid gland without surgery. I want to thank you for the wonderful drug CigaPan.

Solovyanenko A. Lugansk


Thank you very much for CigaPan, he helped me get rid of excess sugar in the blood. My husband stopped hurting his legs, he feels healthy by 90% (as he tells everyone).

Chebanenko R.K. with. Pasitsely, Odessa region


Thank you for CigaPan. He helped me with hypertension and excess blood sugar. Health is better.

Stengach L.A. with. Shcherbatka, Odessa region


Your drug CigaPan helps us a lot with my wife. We also recommended it to our friends, they are delighted. Warmly grateful.

Bakun A.M. Ladyzhin, Vinnitsa region


I have been suffering from diabetes for over 30 years. Taking CigaPan, I feel sugar is falling. I had to reduce insulin by 6 units. Now the condition is much better. Thank you very much to the people who made this medicine.

Barabanova O.A. Kupyansk, Kharkiv region


My father takes CigaPan and feels much better. Sugar decreased, pain in joints decreased. Very grateful to you.

Drozdyuk A.I. with. Vodyanoe, Odessa region


Dear kind people, I am grateful to you for CigaPan. Thanks to him, my blood sugar dropped significantly.

Kravchenko I.N. with. Nizhny Berezov, Ivano-Frankivsk region


After taking CigaPan, the state of health improved significantly, and the diet was abandoned.

Zaremba D.V. with. Dovzhok, Vinnitsa region


I have a sick thyroid and my body is very weak. After taking CigaPan, the thyroid gland is not so agonizing, and the weakness has disappeared. Thank you very much.

Baltyan A.P. with. Marazleevka, Odessa region


I have a mild form of diabetes. I started taking CigaPan and the result was startled. Sugar is normal. I became active and energetic. Low bow to you. Thank.

Black LM with. Kukavka Vinnitsa region


I am 65 years old, and I suffered from pain in the joints. After taking CigaPan, my joints stopped hurting and my legs swelled. I feel much better. I also advised my daughter.

With respect and gratitude.

Firiak A.M. with. Kobyletska Polyana, Transcarpathian region


I want to thank you for CigaPan. I started taking it, and on the fourth day I felt its effect. Well-being improved. There was a desire to do something. Very grateful.

Semenyuk O.V. with. Podvysokoe, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

My husband had high blood sugar. After taking CigaPan, he dropped significantly.

We are very grateful to you.

Bovtun G.M. with. Blistavitsa, Kiev region


I am very pleased with CigaPan. I had a stroke and could not sleep before (pain in my chest). And after 10 days of taking CigaPan, the pain was gone. She also suffered from urolithiasis, walked every one and a half or two hours, now once or twice a night and her state of health has become better. Thanks you.

Prikhodko V.V. V. Vladimirovka, Dnipropetrovsk region


Thank you very much for CigaPan. I have vegetative-vascular dystonia, polyarthritis, I get very tired, my hands and feet hurt and numb. Tortured convulsions night and day. Could not even shoes. Began to take CigaPan and unnoticed, I began to revive. Passed drowsiness. The cramps have passed, the head has become "light", sleep has normalized, even dreams began to dream. Feet and hands ceased to grow dumb. I began to move freely, even a little start to run. And in general, became a healthy full-fledged man. I do not get tired of thanking you for your wonderful preparation. Low bow to you.

Karachinskaya K.D. Dudnikovo, Zaporozhye region


My knee joints hurt a lot. After taking CigaPan, the pain became much less, and in fact my legs hurt for 8 years, and nothing helped. Thank you so much for the drug CigaPan.

Deinega V.T. with. Bridge, Nikolaev region


My husband and I are not very healthy people. My back was very painful, I could not budge. My husband has high pressure and hurt his arms and legs (he worked on a tractor all his life). After taking CigaPan, I freely get up and walk, the pains are gone, and my husband's pressure returned to normal. Hands and legs are not so painful. Thank you very much.

Pavlenko V.N. with. Alekseevka, Zaporozhye region


After taking CigaPan, I began to feel much better. There are forces and energy. Thank you my rescuers.

Bilyk S.F.s. Novonikolevka, Kherson region


I want to thank for the miracle drug CigaPan. My mother had severe pain in the knee joints. She could not put her legs, touch one knee to another. And at night the pain intensified. After taking CigaPan, the pain began to recede. She began to sleep at night and feels good during the day. Special thanks from my whole family for helping our mother walk calmly.

Cherevan N.N. with. Shevchenkovo-1, Kherson region


Our son had gastritis of the stomach. He took CigaPan, and he became much better. Parent thank you.

Vanja I.F. Taranovo, Dnipropetrovsk region


My wife and I accept CigaPan, and we feel much better. It became easier to breathe (we have shortness of breath). My wife has less headache after sinusitis, and vomiting has stopped. Thanks you.

Povitkan B.A. with. Karbovka, Kirovograd region


My heart hurts, diabetes, and my left leg hurts. But after drinking CigaPan, I feel better. My heart stopped hurting, sugar decreased, and I generally forgot about the pain in my legs. Thank you for CigaPan.

Krasnokutskaya V.N. with. Guslino, Kharkiv region


My husband has diabetes, and I have a stomach ulcer. They started taking CigaPan, my husband's sugar dropped from 12.8 to 6.6. I began to feel better. Appeared appetite. Improved sleep. I am very grateful to you for the fact that there are still people who can help.

Khvalbota A.V. with. Reclinets Lviv region


CigaPan takes my sister. She has chronic bronchitis and shortness of breath. Often enough heart.

She is much better now. The breath disappeared altogether. The heart is less worried, sleeps well at night. Thank you so much for CigaPan.

Goloskova A.E. Donetsk


My arms and legs were very painful, the liver, the pancreas. It was hard to breathe. There was such pain in the joints that he could not turn from side to side. There were severe headaches. I started taking your CigaPan and felt like I was coming back to life. There was so much strength and energy that I can not convey in words. And most importantly, the pain disappeared. Low bow to you.

Matsapura A.G. with. Malaya Racha, Zhytomyr region


I am 52 years old, but due to many illnesses I was forced to quit my job. I am very thin. Every night and day I was all in sweat. The weakness is terrible. I started taking CigaPan and after taking the second can I felt much better. In short, I cured 8 illnesses completely. Has recovered very much, there is no sweating. Disappeared weakness. Intracranial and arterial pressure returned to normal. The complexion became healthy, a blush appeared. Thank you for your concern for people and for your preparation.

Monorail N.M. Lozova, Kharkiv region

CigaPan took over a month. I feel better. I have varicose veins. Ulcers on the legs. After taking CigaPan, the ulcers began to heal, sleep improved, pain in the joints disappeared. I will continue to take your drug, as I hope to recover completely. With thanks.

Bigrok N.M. with. Velikhovo, Rivne region.


I have a bladder disorder. After CigaPan, the results exceeded all expectations. No more pain. Thank you my rescuers.

Kosmach N.N. with. Mikhaylovka, Kiev region


CigaPan helps me with gastritis of the stomach. Thank you very much.

Berest R.N. with. Goryaystovka, Sumy region.


For more than 15 years I have had fibroma. CigaPan take 1.5 years. Incredibly, the fibroma disappeared. Doctors removed me from the register and do not cease to be surprised. I came to life again, there was a lot of energy. But she was desperate and did not hope to recover. Thank you very much. Thank you for returning faith in life.

Popovich I.I. Rokovets, Transcarpathian region


I am a pensioner. My arms, legs, and head ached very much. I took CigaPan - 1 course and it became easier for me. Thank you very much.

Prokofieva G.N. with. Volya, Mykolaiv region


I would like to thank you very much for your miracle CigaPan. Immediately after I started taking it, I felt a significant improvement in my health. Started to sleep well. The bladder is not disturbed. Gone are back pains, and in general the mood has improved. With thanks.

Tomchenko L.E. with. Krasyatychi, Kiev region


My husband is 67 years old, he walked with a stick, had shortness of breath, got tired quickly, the pancreas, liver, heart ached, and barely walked. But after a month of treatment with CigaPan, he runs like a young, energetic. Everything does everything around the house. I don't recognize him. Thank you our dear saviors.

Shpak L.N. Zhovtnevoe, Zaporozhye region


I have diabetes. In August, he underwent a monthly course of treatment with CigaPan. As a result, blood sugar dropped 13.5 to 6.7. Thank you for the good preparation.

Gvozdetsky V.A. Krasnograd, Kharkiv region


I had an operation on my leg, and after it I lay for 5 months. Leg swollen. I could not walk at all. I heard about your drug. Began to take CigaPan. A month later, the tumor subsided. Began to walk slowly. It does not hurt anymore. Thank you for bringing health to people.

Plety N.A. with. Illichivka, Nikolaev region


After taking CigaPan, pains in the abdomen and in the joints disappeared. Thank.

Burdeyko G.I. with. Mykhaylopol, Odessa region


At the moment I am taking your drug CigaPan. Immediately after I started taking it, I realized that I felt better. Feet stopped hurting. I became active and energetic. And before the white light was not nice. With gratitude.

Kravets R.S. with. Zarezne, Kherson region


My spine was very white, my knees, my hands on my shoulders. Three fingers on the left hand are always numb. He drank CigaPan - the fingers of his left hand became normal. Spine and legs stopped hurting. As if born again. Thank you for such a good drug.

Mikhaylets M.G. with. Romanovka, Poltava region


Taking CigaPan, I was relieved. Feet stopped hurting. Gone cramps that tormented me at night. Sincerely grateful to you.

Onishchenko G.F. with. Agronomy, Nikolaev region


I have been taking CigaPan for a long time. Thanks to him, I was cured of osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis. My aunt has cured diabetes. According to my advice, 15 people have been successfully treated with this drug. Thank.

Kovalenko L.I. with. 2-nd Gnilitsa, Kharkiv region.

I thank you for caring about people. CigaPan helped me a lot, especially from the thyroid gland. The lump in the throat has completely disappeared. Hands and legs hurt a lot less. Thanks to you.

Zakharova V.A. with. Pugachevka, Cherkasy region.


After taking CigaPan my joints stopped hurting, my sleep returned to normal. He also removed allergies. The husband began to feel physically well. We are very grateful to you for your CigaPan.

Godyatskaya A.I. with. Sharovka, Kharkiv region


I had a prostate adenoma, that is, urinary retention. After taking CigaPan, I felt like a different, healthy person. Thank you very much.

Chernichenko N.I. with. Novogrigoryevka, Dnepropetrovsk region


I am 71 years old, my knees are sore. I was ashamed to go out. But after taking CigaPan it became much easier, I walk easily. My husband is a war invalid, he also suffered from a joint disease, practically did not get out of bed. But after the first course of treatment, CigaPan began to walk. He says that he felt much better. With respect and gratitude.

Sereda L.G. with. Primorskoe-1, Zaporozhye region


I am a pensioner, I am 75 years old. He suffered from pain in his joints, his toes grew numb, and the pressure jumped. After taking CigaPan, my legs became like new, my fingers became warmer, I now feel them. For a month now, I have not taken pills for pressure. Thank you very much for your CigaPan.

Kostenko L.I. with. Bogdanovka, Kirovograd region


I had a very painful leg, I was so swollen that I could not walk. And the pain was such that I wanted to climb the wall. Started drinking CigaPan. A week later, the pain began to subside, and then completely disappeared. The tumor on her leg was asleep. I can already walk, I can bring even the floor of a bucket of water, slowly I chop wood. And besides, my pressure was 220-240 / 120, and now 170/90. I just can't find the words to thank you for this drug.

Mikhaylenko L.M. Golaya Pristan, Kherson region


I have been suffering from joint pain for 5 years now. In the hospital, I lay 10 times, and no improvement. I heard about CigaPan and started taking it. At first he didn’t believe when the first night slept calmly and without pain. Further, easier. By the way, I recently caught a runny nose, took CigaPan for the night and woke up fresh in the morning, the cold had not gone any further. I don’t even know how to thank you. Bow to you to the ground.

Lyamchenko M.S. with. Lebedevka, Lugansk region


I have diabetes mellitus grade 2. Started taking CigaPan. Sugar became 4.3. Changed complexion. Thank you so much for CigaPan. Health to you.

Vornyuk T.I. with. Dyakovka, Vinnitsa region


I myself am a diabetic and hypertensive. Your CigaPan helps me a lot. Sugar decreases, and the pressure is normalized. In addition, my immunity is lowered, so I often catch a cold and then I take long treatment. But after I started taking CigaPan, I never had a cold during the winter. Thank you for this medicine. Sincerely.

Novak I.Yu. with. Ostki, Rivne region.


I had bumps all over my body, and started taking CigaPan, over time they disappeared. Thank you.

Gonchar I.D. with. Volodeevtsy, Vinnitsa region


Thank you so much for your drug CigaPan. For the fact that he helps people to live and smile.

Monorail N.M. Lozova, Kharkiv region


After taking CigaPan, my head stopped hurting, the pain in my heart stopped. I became cheerful and cheerful. If I had always felt that way now, it would be good. All the best to you and all the best. Thank you so much for the drug CigaPan.

Zhadan G.A. Serednyaki, Poltava region


Started taking CigaPan. The effect exceeded all expectations. The thyroid gland has become in place, does not bulge from the neck. The veins that got out of the legs have disappeared significantly. Sleep swelling from his feet. Warmly thank you for CigaPan.

Polyanetsk M.I. with. Captain. Kirovograd region


Having been treated for a month with CigaPan, my blood sugar level decreased, my general condition improved. Thank you for being in the world and helping people.

Melnichenko N.I. with. Sandy Brod, Kirovograd region