From Conclusions of Specialist

“... The use of CigaPan in the diet for therapeutic and preventive purposes is a new word in medical science and practice. This is a means of preventing the development of the most diverse pathologies and the preservation of human health. CigaPan is harmless with long-term use in the composition of the diet and therefore suitable for mass prophylaxis. Among the science-based nutritional supplements for use in the diet to increase the body's resistance, CigaPan is one of the most promising. ”

Head lab of the radiation communal hygiene State Research Center of the Russian Federation - Institute of Biophysics, MD, Corr. RANS N.K. Shandala.


“... CigaPan can be used in various fields of medicine as a means of increasing the nonspecific resistance of the organism. With the advent of this drug, practical health care will acquire a valuable therapeutic and prophylactic agent. ”

Head of the Laboratory of Pathological Physiology of the Hematological Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor N.A. Gorbunova 1996


“... The absolute harmlessness of CigaPan, proved by numerous clinical trials, allows using this drug not only as a component of the treatment of diseases of the urogenital organs that had already frolicked, but also prophylactically. The unique composition of CigaPan, which includes microelements, natural antioxidants, vitamins, essential amino acids, etc., provides the adaptogenic effect of the drug and stimulates the compensatory-adaptive processes in the body, aimed at increasing its resistance to adverse environmental influences, in particular, the deteriorated environmental situation , private stresses, physical overload, etc. As a result of taking the drug, the tone of the body increases, its efficiency increases, and e of the immune system, increasing reserves of antioxidants in the cells of various organs to protect them from the adverse effects of the environment and prevents the development of many diseases, including urogenital system. "

Head Experimental Department of the Research Institute of Urology,

Ph.D., Professor V.I. Kirpatovskiy.


"... The results of a study in a number of leading institutions of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Ministry of Health of Russia of possible mechanisms of action of Tsygapan indicate its protective (protective) and therapeutic abilities associated with immunostimulating, antioxidant, hemostimulating and reparative properties." 1996

"... On the basis of the conducted experimental studies, including studies on pathological models, and clinical approbation of the drug CigaPan, we can conclude that the drug can be classified as safe in terms of its toxicity and long-term effects." 2000

Head lab assessment of the long-term effects of the Research Institute of Preventive Toxicology and Disinfection of the State Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance of the Russian Federation,

expert doctor biol. Sciences, Professor Yu.A. Revazov.


“... The drug CigaPan, which does not have any negative effect and, on the contrary, exhibits many positive properties in relation to the endocrine system and metabolism, is a very promising means of increasing the general reactivity of the body and preventing a number of pathological processes. We can conclude that this drug will be widely used as a valuable and natural food additive. "

Endocrinological Center of RAMS, Ph.D., Professor V.I. Kandror.


"... CigaPan is a highly effective biologically active substance (dietary supplement) of a wide spectrum of action, which has immunomodulatory, radioprotective, antioxidant and other properties that necessitate the use in practice ..."

Leading Researcher, Department of Immunology, Central Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Dr. med. B.V. Nikonenko 2000


“... I am sure that this drug will take its place in the practice of therapists, pediatricians, surgeons, traumatologists and many other specialists. Therefore, I would like to wish the developer of the dietary supplement Cigapan success in introducing this drug into a wide clinical practice both in our country and abroad. ”

Director of the Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Professor A.D. Tsaregorodtsev.