History of the creation of cigapan

Welcome to the HEALTH PLANET!
Production Enterprise "PLANET OF HEALTH" - the world's only manufacturer of dietary supplements to food from the powder of reindeer horns. The authorship of the drugs and the creation of a scientific production base based on biologically active raw materials - mature reindeer antlers, belongs to the founder of the company, Vladimir Vladimirovich Tsygankov. It was he who in 1992 initiated a thorough study of this type of raw materials at leading research institutes of the Russian Federation and research centers in Europe, during which the unique natural composition and amazing healing properties of reindeer antlers were discovered and scientifically confirmed. The results of preclinical and clinical studies were patented in the Russian Federation, Canada, the United States and the largest countries of the European Union. The main activity of our company is the production and sale of high-quality products, aimed at maintaining and strengthening the health of people, increasing the duration and quality of life of broad sections of the population.

The plant for the production of drugs is located in the Kaluga region and has a full cycle of production processes, ranging from the initial stage of processing raw materials to packaging and packaging of finished products.

The company “PLANET OF HEALTH” was created as an experimental research and production base for the manufacture of a fundamentally new drug, unusually diverse in use and unique in its impact on the human body. Preparation and selection of raw materials is carried out independently. Procurement and primary processing of raw materials occur in the Far North. The raw materials used are the ossified antlers of the reindeer. The method of preparation and use of this type of raw material is humane in nature, does not injure the deer and does not lead to their death, since the horns are used, which the deer throws off annually. Final processing, packaging and packaging are carried out at a plant in the Kaluga region, located in the district center - the village of Khvastovichi. The serial production of our products was preceded by preclinical studies and clinical trials of the substance of the powder of the horns of a reindeer, the development and execution of all the necessary regulatory and technical documentation, expert opinions and state registration.


powerful intellectual base (patents, trademarks, trademarks) and scientific substantiation of product efficiency (preclinical studies and clinical trials);

regulatory and technical permits for the production of dietary supplements;
own production facilities, equipment, warehouses, garages, etc.
own laboratory for quality control of samples of raw materials and products in the production process;
certificates, recommendations of clinicians, reports of specialists in the field of medicine, confirming the real effectiveness of products from reindeer horn powder.
Our team:

More than 50 highly qualified specialists work at the production plant. They carry out the administration of business processes and production cycles, personnel management, maintenance of high-tech equipment, quality control of raw materials and products at all stages of production, from the receipt of raw materials to the sale of finished products.

Each of our specialists makes every effort to effectively solve the tasks. As a result, the company “PLANET OF HEALTH” can offer its customers a unique 100% natural product with a wide spectrum of action, which can be used both for the prevention of many diseases and in complex drug therapy.

The ideology of our company is not just making a profit, but taking care of people's health, which is expressed in the prevention of many diseases, in improving the quality of life and its active longevity, in improving the demographic situation in Russia. In addition, assistance in mastering the laws of nature, which govern the vital activity of the human body, social ecology and biosocial technology.

Stages of the big way
The development of preparations from reindeer horn powder began in 1992. The process was rapidly gaining momentum: scientifically proven therapeutic properties of the substance PRSO, successful clinical trials and expert opinions, market monitoring was carried out, a plant was built, a staff of specialists was formed, and investment in production and promotion grew. The logical continuation of the activity was the launch of the CigaPan ® brand and the creation of the company "PLANET OF HEALTH". The next step - the release of the new line of dietary supplements "Neovitel" - demonstrated that the company does not stop there and has a long-term development strategy. For 20 years, more than 100 studies have been conducted in various areas of medicine, for which the best specialists from leading research institutes of Russia were attracted. And new clinical studies allow informing consumers about the effectiveness of brands in various fields of medicine.