Health Planet production enterprise is the world’s only producer of food
supplements from crushed powder of discarded reindeer antlers. Medication
authorship, research-and-production base development belongs to the founder of the company - Vladimir Cigankov. In 1992 he had initiated thorough investigations of ossified reindeer antlers in the leading research institutions and centers of Russia and Europe, which revealed and scientifically proved a unique natural composition and extraordinary therapeutic properties of reindeer antlers.

The results of pre-clinical and clinical trials were patented in Russia, Canada, the USA and the largest EU countries. The main aim of our company’s activity is to manufacture and sell high-quality products which can maintain and improve people’s health, prolong general population’s lifespan and enhance the quality of their life.
to Health Planet!
The production plant of CigaPan is situated in Kaluga region. It has a full cycle of manufacture, from initial stage of material processing to sorting and packaging of
finished products.
More than 50 highly-qualified specialists work at our production plant. They administer business processes and manufacture cycles, perform human resources management, maintain high-tech equipment, control the quality of raw material and final products at all manufacture stages, from delivery of substance to sales of finished goods. Every specialists makes maximum effort to solve set tasks efficiently.

As a result, HEALTH PLANET’s customers are offered a unique 100% natural broad-spectrum product which can be used both for prevention of various diseases and for complex medical therapy.

The ideology of our company is not only to make profit, but also to take care of people’s health, that is to prevent many diseases, to increase life quality and active lifespan, to improve demographic situation in Russia. Besides that, we aim to learn from laws of nature, which control human body activities, develop social ecology and biosocial technologies.
Our team:
ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES HEALTH PLANET LLC. is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise operating
on unstable Russian market, ready to partner in any decent form.

HEALTH PLANET sucessfully exports to neighbouring countries and beyond - to Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, the USA, Bolgaria, Vietnam, Mexica. Currently we are completing registration in Sudan, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. We are planning to expand the sales geography and strengthen strategic partnership.

At the moment we practise various forms of cooperation. For wholesale customers there is a flexible discount system. We help to deliver any batch of our product, starting from 1 box, to any region of Russia, and we cover all supply expenses. Every batch is provided with necessary documentation, including series quality passport, needed amount of advertising material (brochures, posters, calendars), books for doctors and specialists.

We also provide consulting support and welcome cooperation with regional entrepreneurs, mostly with companies working with large amount of pharmacies and retail chains selling health products. Besides that, we are negotiating on supplies with enterprises, manufacturing foods with supplements, sport communities etc.
PLANETA ZDOROVYA LLC. was firstly established as an experimental scientific manufacture base to produce a principally new compound with incredibly diverse usage and effect on human body. Preparation and selection of raw material is done in Far North regions independently. The raw material is ossified reindeer antlers.
Preparation approach is humane, it does not harm reindeer and does not lead to death, as we use only the antlers reindeer shed annually. Final processing, sorting and packaging is carried out on the plant in Kaluga region in Khvastovichi village. Before serial production we had organised pre-clinical and clinical trials of reindeer antlers crushed powder, developed and prepared all necessary regulatory and technical documentation, expert conclusions and state registration.
own laboratory to permorm quality control of raw material and products during manufacture
strong intellectual base (patents, trademarks, brands) and scientific justification of product efficiency (pre-clinical and clinical trials)
certificates, recommendations of clinicians, medical specialist reports proving real effectiveness of reindeer antlers product
own production premises, equipment, warehouse, garages etc.
regulatory and technical documentation, licence to produce food supplements
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