Advantages of our goods is mostly due to:

  • qualified sorting of high-quality material - reindeer antlers
  • thorough quality and safety control of samples (check for heavy metals, pesticides, microbiology)
  • perfect patented processing technology
  • stage-by-stage control of all technological processes

Growing demand and significant sales increase is confirming high quality of CigaPan.

CigaPan is produced in tabs and caps of 200 mg and 400 mg on the world’s leading make equipment.
Microbiological cleanness, chemical cleaning of premises and equipment is performed constantly. Professional pharmaceutical equipment has only surfaces which cannot react with the product.

Quality control department is a pride of our company and a guarantee of high working standards. The department is responsible for thorough control and checking of all materials, control of technological processes, traceability maintenance, specialized records keeping, sampling and testing of finished product.

Due to thorough control, we make agreements for supply of raw material only with the best reindeer farms situated in eco-friendly regions of Far North. Every series of product is tested in accredited Russian laboratories, like Rostest testing center
in Moscow, Center of certification and quality control of medicines (Healthcare Department of Moscow), ILKPPE laboratory in Kaluga.
CigaPan is produced in tabs and caps of 200mg and 400mg on the world’s leading make equipment.

  • cleaning of raw material and processing into crushed powder according to
  • patented technology
  • laboratory diagnostics of substance
  • preparation for tableting and encapsulation
  • output in form of caps and tabs
  • packing into forgery-proof branded wraps
Manufacture of food supplements made from crushed powder of discarded reindeer antlers begins straightforwardly in the Far North. Selection and primary treatment of raw material is conducted there. We carefully monitor both processes.

The company’s production facilities include:

  • primary treatment
  • sterilization
  • encapsulation
  • tableting
  • dust exclusion
  • blistering
  • packaging and marking workshops.
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