CigaPan is 100% natural:
200/400 mg of reindeer antlers powder,
which contains:
Macroelements and microelements (mcg/400mg), Calcium (>52000) and Phosphorus (>24000) in the form of hydroxyapatite in a complex with ossein.
CigaPan ingredients
Calcium with maximum bioavailability - 75%
Contributing to:
  • anti-tumor action: platinum (0.12), lanthanum (0.032)

Vitamins: ascorbic acid (C), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), thiamine (B1), nicotinic acid (PP), retinol ethers (A), tocopherols (E), cholecalziferol (D3) - are in low biological concentrations. In small quantities, they are necessary for normal functioning of the body, improving mental and physical performance; they are parts of the most important enzymes that regulate metabolic processes.

Proteins (not less than 40%), collagen (38.7%), 20 amino acids: glycine-8%,
proline-5%, glutamic acid-5%, alanine-3%, aspartic acid-2.8%, hydroxyllin-2.4%,
leucine-1.5%, valine-1.2%, etc. including the essential. Amino acids are a plastic
material for the synthesis of all protein structures. Used by the body for its own
growth and recovery, producing various hormones, enzymes and antibodies.

Total lipids (0.4%), including phospholipids (56.4mcg/400mg) are necessary to
maintain the structural integrity of cell membranes; participate in their receptor,
barrier and transport functions; participate in lipid exchange regulation. They play
an important role in metabolic metabolism as well as in detoxification processes.

Nucleic acids (RNA + DNA), nucleotides and nucleosides - 0.43% - one of the
important components of integral and immunological homeostasis of the body.
The following properties of nucleic acids have also been proven: radioprotective,
immunomodulatory (stimulation of the body’s resistance to various infections),
ability to improve the cellular composition of blood, increase in hemoglobin,
decrease of the excitability of the nervous system, muscle gain. Nucleotides and
nucleosides are responsible for anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

Fatty acids (saturated and unsaturated) are necessary for the production of new
cells and the normal functioning of existing ones. PUFAs are also required to
produce prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that regulate the functioning of all systems of the body, including the cardiovascular, immune, reproductive and central nervous systems.

Total number of carbohydrates - 0.42%

CigaPan is harmless, non-toxic, anti-mutagenic, without side effects. Assessment
of the potential of CigaPan to cause toxic effects and adverse long-term effects
(mutagenic, embryotropic, etc.), showed complete safety of its application.

Despite the fact that most bioactive substances in the powder of reindeer antlers
are contained in low biological concentrations, they are necessary components of
metabolism, catalysts of biochemical processes, and play an important role in the
work and adaptation of the body.

The energy value is 0.26 kcal (1.1 kJ).
Hydroxyapatite — a source of calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for
bone mineralization, are involved in the formation of bone tissue, mineralization of
teeth, blood coagulation, in the regulation of nerve conduction and muscle
contractions, in maintaining stability of cardiac activity; necessary for normal
functioning of the nervous system, kidneys, etc. Phosphorus is part of ATP, the
main source of energy in the body.

Ossein is an organic extracellular matrix of bone and skin consisting of 95%
collagen. It is the source of IGF I, II and other growth factors (collagen, bone
morphogenic proteins).

Chromium (2.4) — participates in carbohydrate exchange, insulin synthesis
process, stimulates glucose absorption by muscle tissue.

Silicon (≤1360) — plays an important role in the formation of connective and
cartilage tissue, contributing to the strengthening of skin cells, hair, nails. It is
involved in bone and tooth mineralization. It plays a key role in maintaining the
functional state of the cardiovascular system, promoting the integrity and elasticity
of the wall of blood vessels.

Boron (≤96) — regulates the activity of parathyroid hormone, the exchange of
calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and cholecalciferol, involved in the correction of
immunological status.

Molybdenum (≤1) — promotes the normal metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. It
is necessary for the prevention of anemia, impotence; prevents the breakdown of
mineral metabolism, tooth decay.

Selenium (≤0.8) — has pronounced antioxidant properties; stimulates the formation of antibodies, increasing the body’s protection from infectious and cold diseases. Takes part in the erythropoiesis.

Vanadium (≤0.4) — inhibits cholesterol synthesis, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis development.

Cobalt (≤0.4) is a part of vitamin B12, necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin. It participates in the exchange of fatty acids and carbohydrates.

Elements required for*:
  • strengthening of the immune system: germanium (0.08), titanium (6.6), zinc (40)
  • activating antiviral protection: bismuth (<0.01), silver (0.06)
  • endocrine system: iodine (2.8), bromine (1.5)
  • regulation of hydrocarbon exchange: manganese (2.2), lithium (0.36)
  • Bleeding processes: iron (41.2), copper (0.16), nickel (0.21)
  • regulation of cardiovascular system: potassium (112), sodium (1800), chlorine (0.4), magnesium (1520), zirconium (0.28)
  • formation and strengthening of connective fabric: aluminum (148), fluorine (<4)

Taking part:
  • in intellectual brain activity: gold (0.02), thallium (>0.02), tellurium (<0.04), tin (0.04)
  • in the nervous system: rubidium (1.36)
  • in the synthesis of hormones, enzymes, vitamins: silver (0.06), beryllium (<0.4)
  • in visual organs activity: barium (104)
  • in the regulation of antioxidant protection: tungsten (0.24), ruthenium (0.04)
  • Increase in life expectancy: yttrium (0.2), palladium (0.24)
Recommendations for use of CigaPan
Element, in daily dosage
Daily dosage contains
(% of recommended daily consumption) CHILDREN
3-7 y.o.
3-7 y.o.
7-11 y.o
7-11 y.o
12+ y.o.
12+ y.o.
26,0 mg (2,9%)
104,0-208,0 mg
52,0 mg (4,7%)
52,0-104,0 mg (4,3-8,6%)
12,0 mg (1,5%)
48,0-96,0 mg
24,0 mg (2,2%)
24,0-48,0 mg (2-4%)
*Methodological recommendations MP
The scope of substance usage
CigaPan is recommended as food supplement, source of calcium and phosphorus
Form of release: Tablets of 200 mg, capsules of 400 mg,
Pack 30, 60, 90, 120.
Storage conditions: not higher than +25C.
Shelf life: 3 years.
Taking duration: 1-2 months. Second course in 2-3 months
CigaPan is taken in following dosage:
1 tab (200mg)
1 time a day during meal
2 tabs (200mg) or 1 cap (400mg)
1-2 times a day during meal
1 tab (200mg)
1-2 times a day during meal
2 caps (400mg)
1-2 times a day during meal
In CigaPan daily dosage
Daily dosage contains (% of recommended daily consumption) ADULTS
* TP TC 022/2011 «Food products with regard to its labelling»
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