CigaPan for Kids

CigaPan® is included in the “book of world records” and “book of records of Russia”!

Over 100 scientific studies have been performed

49 leading experts of the research institutes of the Russian Federation studied the application

Over 200 academicians, doctors and candidates of sciences have confirmed properties and effect of CigaPan®

Broad action spectrum - 263 properties

The largest number of biologically active components!

Contains 11 vitamins, 63 micro and macro elements, 20 amino acids

  • One of the most researched and clinically studied dietary supplements!
  • CigaPan® is recommended for children from three years old.

It has a fortifying effect for the prevention of acute and chronic diseases, reducing the duration of their treatment, especially for children who are often sick and long-term ill.

It has a general strengthening effect on the body

Helps increase vitality and performance

It has a pronounced antioxidant activity

Provides increased adaptogenic resources


  • for strengthening the immune system and increasing the body's general resistance to prevent respiratory viral diseases, especially during the autumn and winter period
  • to prevent mineral deficiency
  • to improve growth and psychomotor development
  • for adaptation to psychological and physical stress during the intensive growth and development period in adolescence
  • in case of gastrointestinal diseases: chronic gastritis and colitis, peptic ulcer disease, dysbacteriosis
  • for children suffering from vagotonic vegetative-vascular dystonia for overall health improvement
  • in case of osteoporosis of various origins, including the one generated by genetic diseases and after steroid hormone treatment
  • for bronchial asthma
  • to accelerate bone healing and normalize reparative osteogenesis processes
  • to normalize the hematopoiesis system
  • to normalize the hepatic function
  • in case of acute poisonings as an enterosorbent substance
  • for rapid recovery after surgeries and acute diseases
  • for children living in environmentally unfavorable regions and also at radiation contaminated regions or to children subjected to radiation exposure on medical authority for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes
  • for prevention of acute and chronic diseases, reduction of periods of their treatment, especially for children who are sick frequently and for long periods 

Non-toxic, antimutagenic, does not cause allergic reactions and side effects.

100% natural composition: powder from discarded reindeer antlers, contains more than 60 micro and macro elements. Created without harming animals!