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Over 100 scientific studies have been performed

49 leading experts of the research institutes of the Russian Federation studied the application

Over 200 academicians, doctors and candidates of sciences have confirmed properties and effect of CigaPan®

Broad action spectrum - 263 properties

The largest number of biologically active components!

Contains 11 vitamins, 63 micro and macro elements, 20 amino acids

Our production

These are biologically active complexes with the widest range of proven medicinal properties. The unique properties of preparations based on the substance from the ossified antlers of the Reindeer are scientifically proven and undeniable!

Clinical and preclinical trials have shown:

Significantly increases, within normal limits, the production of immunoglobulins A and G, which Proves immunomodulatory effects (Research Institute of Nutrition RAMS)

It has the ability to restore the T-cell element of the immune system (Influenza RAMS)

It has a beneficial effect on the state of the antioxidant status of the body and lipid metabolism (Nutrition Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)

Promotes the synthesis of endogenous opiates with a leaky complex biochemical interactions (Research Institute of Influenza, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)

It has a pronounced immunomodulatory activity (Research Institute of Influenza, RAMS)

Contributes to the normalization of biochemical parameters by 1.5 times faster in infectious hepatitis (Research Institute of Influenza RAMS)


Lashko T.

I took your drug and in a month my sugar level dropped from 13 to 7 units, and I began to feel completely different, my sleep improved, I became much calmer.

Divonne I.

Dear "Planet of Health", thank you for being there and thanks to you my bones and joints no longer hurt, my pressure returned to normal and I do not react strongly to the weather.

Oleynik V.

I experienced the miraculous power of the drug on myself. Thyroid function and metabolism were normalized and health improved. I feel great!

Kirzunov U.

Hello! May GOD grant health and further creative success to the creator of the drug, Vladimir Tsygankov! These wishes also to the entire Team working with him! Thank you!

Chirov V.

I am already 50 years old, but I feel no more than 30 years old. And most importantly, for 5 years of using the drug, I did not have anything, not even the flu. Many thanks to the manufacturers of such a product.

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Production of dietary supplements from powder of reindeer antlers begins directly in the Far North. Here the selection and primary processing of raw materials is carried out. We carefully monitor both processes.

The industrial complex of the enterprise includes the following workshops: primary processing of raw materials, sterilization, encapsulation, tabletting, dust removal, blistering, packaging and labeling.




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