The production of dietary supplements from powder of reindeer antlers begins directly in the Far North. Here the selection and primary processing of raw materials is carried out. We closely monitor both processes. The production complex of the enterprise includes the following shops: primary processing of raw materials, sterilization, encapsulation, tableting, dedusting, blistering, packaging and labeling.

Directly in the production complex of the company are implemented:

  • purification of natural raw materials and their processing according to the patented technology into powder-like substance ;
  • .
  • laboratory diagnostics of a substance;
  • preparation tablet and capsule substances;
  • release of products in capsules and pills;
  • packaging in original packaging protected against tampering.

The production ensures constant microbiological purity and chemical cleaning of rooms and equipment. Professional pharmaceutical equipment has surfaces made of materials, which do not have the ability to react with the products on the contrary.

Quality Control Department is the pride of the company and the guarantee of the highest standards of work. The tasks of the department include careful control and inspection of all incoming raw materials and supplies, process control, ensuring traceability and maintenance of specialized documentation, sampling and testing of finished products.

Only the best reindeer herding farms located in ecologically clean areas of the Far North are contracted for the supply of raw materials due to careful control. Each series of finished products is tested in accredited laboratories of the Russian Federation, such as testing center "Rostest" (Moscow) and GUZ "Center for Certification and Quality Control of Medicines" of the Department of Health in Moscow, "ILKPPE" Ltd. in Kaluga.

The products are manufactured in tablets and capsules of 200 mg and 400 mg on the equipment of leading world companies.

The advantages of our products are to a large extent conditioned:

    — a qualified selection of high-grade raw materials for the antlers of the reindeer;

    — careful quality control of raw material samples for safety (heavy metals), pesticides and microbiology;

    — perfect, patented processing technology;

    — the step-by-step control of all technological processes.

Growing consumer demand and a significant increase in sales evidence of high quality products.