What do our clients say about CigaPan®

Since 1999, we have received a lot of letters with feedback about Cigapan, we would like to share them with you. All originals of letters are kept at the production site in the Kaluga Region. Also, we were sent translations of letters from our distributor from Ukraine.

In many letters, Cigapan is called medicine.

We remind you that Cigapan is not a medicine, and in severe diseases it cannot be used as mono-therapy, but only in conjunction with the main treatment.

Further, under the control of analyzes and only after consultation with the attending physician, it is possible to adjust, and in some cases, cancellation of essential drugs.

I am delighted with your drug. I drank it 2 courses. Vascular walls significantly strengthened. I have suffered from atrial fibrillation for many years, and therefore - endless droppers. Before him, the injection site had to fix not less than 30 minutes. bruising is assured, and after Cigapan, 2 minutes of fixation is enough. That's fantastic. Moreover, bruising appeared on the hands and elbow bends, and on the forearms. So I give your drug a "5+". I am a doctor by profession - a forensic medical expert. Experience 52 years on one place, not working only 5 years. I am 83 years old. I wish you good health, prosperity and great success !!!

Vladimir Region V.Mirtova

I, born in 1944, am the first Champion of the USSR in lightweight category, 12 times Champion of Russia, 5 times Champion of Russia. World Champion. He started taking the drug in 2000. Due to an injury to the final joint caused by a football game, couldn't perform at full capacity anymore. Your drug allowed to increase general and special endurance and as a result, to compete again and win. In 2000, he performed at the Spartakiad of Workers of Russia for the national team of the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation. in 10 minutes, to lift the weight 24 kg 200 times and become the winner. He also won the World Championships. of veterans in 2000 and 2001. And in doing so, he set six world records. On my recommendation, they started using the drug... many gyrevics. As a result, my pupil is now a student of the St. Petersburg Military Institute of Physical Education. results and became a silver medalist in 2001 and a world champion among young men in 2002. Moreover, by applying your I don't use any more drugs than vitamin E.

Lipetsk Region, Rodionov M.A.

I have had angina for several years, lately I could not breathe without pain, I lived on tablets alone. Now I breathe freely and without pain in my heart.

Smolensk region, Starenkova N.T.